Elizabeth Weber-Walliser
International Field Chairman $125k-$150k in 4 weeks

I worked this business hard for five straight years to achieve over one million dollars per year of ongoing income. The fact that the five years I dedicated myself will allow me to leave a legacy to my family is by far one of the biggest rewards this business has to offer. I thank God for this opportunity because people are looking for ways to achieve their goals and dreams, and Market America-SHOP.COM is the answer. Click here to learn more.. 

Trinity & Cullen Haskins

Southeast Regional Directors
$18k-$24k in 4 weeks

In this lifetime, there are so many negatives thrown at you every day, but it is up to you to make a change for the better. Market America is a realistic opportunity that shows the average person, without any sales experience, how to dream again.  Life is about choices. How can we tell our children to reach for the stars if we are not willing to pave the way and go first?  It is an incredible feeling to reach financial freedom because of all the people who have helped us reach our dreams. Also, building this business has helped us give back, serve and do the things that God put us on this earth to do. Click here to learn more..

Sam & Sharon Pitts

Executive Director
$25k-$36k in 4 weeks

Make it happen now! Thank God we were given this opportunity and took advantage of it. The saying goes, "If you want something different, you must do something different." We have learned that you don't have to be important, simply do important things. We're still striving to become our best. Everyone is given the same opportunity with Market America to make his or her business better; it's you that must make it better than everyone else's. Click here to learn more..


Sharon Lawrence
Executive Director
$25-$35k in 4 weeks

Carl Eklund

$18k-$25k in 4 weeks

Kelly Whited 

$18-$25k in 4 weeks

Melanie Nelson


$18k-$25k in 4 weeks

Beth & Phillip Black
National Supervising Coordinator
$10k-$15k in 4 weeks

Dr. Sheryl Duchess
National Supervising Coordinator
$10k-$15k in 4 weeks

Lisa & John Tolbert

National Supervising Coordinator
$10k-$15k in 4 weeks

WHY ATTEND #macrc2020?

This will be the entrepreneurial Rocket Fuel you Need to take your Business to the Next Level! 

We are a close group of entrepreneurs, Who have Not only an economic interest
in working together but we also Love each other!  
We are a Family!!

We chose to work hard by helping each other and cheering for each others successes!  You will meet

Some of the most inspiring people in the world!  We are #OneTeamOneDream

The SOUTHEAST Region consists of multiple states where Unfranchise Owners are located.

Alabama - Bahamas - Florida - Georgia - Mississippi - North Carolina
Puerto Rico - South Carolina - Tennessee - Virgin Islands


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